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Wednesday Jul 01, 2020

Kathy Rushing has counseled couples for over 30 years and in that time she discovered that entrepreneur couples face unique challenges… and higher divorce rates! Which is why she chose to specialize. We interviewed her on the show last week, so make sure you catch that episode. 
Today you’re in a real treat! You are about to have a front row seat at one of her marriage therapy sessions. I volunteered my husband Scott and I to take Kathy’s Uniquely Us assessment and go live with the results!
If you're interested in taking the assessment yourself, here's where to find it. You can reach Kathy at or @entrepreneur_marriage_coach
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Tuesday Jun 23, 2020

Over the course of her 30+ year career as a marriage counselor, Kathy noticed that few resources exist for entrepreneur couples. In her own marriage to an entrepreneur, she often wished she had a playbook for the unique set of challenges they faced as business owners. The health of the business was a presence in their every conversation and lifestyle choice, and she observed the same in other entrepreneur couples. In fact, divorce rates are higher among entrepreneurs. This led Kathy to develop a specialized coaching program and resources designed to help these couples recognize and work around their differences, and to aid conversations about and outside the business.
You can find Kathy at or @entrepreneur_marriage_coach
This episode of Small Business Speaks is brought to you by Main Line Test Prep. They provide tutoring for the ACT, SAT and other entrance exams. Main Line's founder, Steve Odabashian was guest #5 on our show. Since the episode aired, test dates for the SAT & ACT have been confirmed and Steve is busy offering video group tutoring and all-day seminars. If your high school student missed spring test dates, Steve can make sure their skills are sharp. Go to for details. 
Show Notes:
4:25 Why focus on entrepreneur couples
7:40 Best & worst moments in Kathy's marriage
11:00 Childhood tendencies you bring into a marriage
12:40 Risk-taker vs. risk-manager
13:00 Business crowds out other needs
15:00 Need to appreciate each person's roles in a marriage
15:50 Are divorce rates higher among entrepreneur couples?
21:00 Topics you typically fight over
21:45 "If I had a magic wand..."
23:00 Tools Kathy uses > DISC profile
31:00 Ability to label behavior w/o getting emotional about it
33:30 How to find Kathy
35:00 Rapid-fire questions
39:55 Why flipping someone off is a sign of affection in Kathy's family!

Monday Jun 01, 2020

If you fell into "vacation" eating & drinking during these past 2 months of quarantine, this nutritionist and coach will get you back on track! Colorado Nutrition is located in Fort Collins and Boulder, and Matt can do online meal planning with anyone, anywhere. Free consultation available at
Show Notes
1:30 This episode is brought to you by Studio Q Cycling in Fort Collins, CO. Book your bike today. 
2:35 Services offered at Colorado Nutrition
5:00 Matt's path to nutritionist & business owner
10:30 Nutrition planning software
12:25 Why COVID wreaked havoc on our diets
15:30 Fasting isn't the answer
17:20 Motivation to change
21:00 Misleading diet information vs. what works
23:00 Keto & other popular diets
24:30 Secrets to successful fat loss
26:00 Weekends can't negate weekday progress
27:40 Where to find Matt + Free consultation
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Monday May 25, 2020 is an online marketplace to discover the latest cannabis products and news. Justin created it to bring brands and consumers together, based on the insight that most social channels discourage the sharing of cannabis-related content. We talked about how he came up with the idea, what people can do on the site, and why BudsFeed should be part of every brand's launch strategy. 
Selected links:
BudsFeed 2020 Cannabis Professional Study
Forbes interview with Justin 
Show notes:
First way Justin made money (2:14)
Early career in advertising (4:00)
Inspiration for BudsFeed (9:25)
Building BudsFeed's audience (11:25)
Getting to know the NY cannabis community (12:45)
How BudsFeed helps brands market their products (16:10)
How to seed a product (20:05)
Justin's decision to go all-in on BudsFeed (23:00)
"Brands have always been the creators of culture" (26:40)
"Building an audience of entrepreneurs & people that are using BudsFeed to launch their new product" (27:54) 
2020 Cannabis Professional Study (31:50)
TL;DR newsletter with the week's top news stories (34:35)
Industry outlook: Top findings from BudsFeed Professional Study (36:00)
What you can find on BudsFeed (40:00)

Saturday May 16, 2020

"I'm finally sitting with some trauma that I've been avoiding for years with busyness."
Colleen Nelson, Trauma Therapist & Owner of CNelson Counseling LLC talks about the emotional toll of COVID and why this time feels so unsettling, plus the ways she's making therapy accessible to anyone anywhere.
Show Notes:
3:20 New ways of delivering therapy7:40 Online workshops you can join now12:10 Is the goal of therapy to achieve a result or is it more of a journey?14:10 Why COVID feels so disruptive16:00 "I'm finally sitting with some trauma that I've been avoiding for years with busyness."17:50 Moving beyond "I'm fine" & getting people to talk19:50 Feelings come out as behaviors20:40 Behaviors that come out when people are feeling lack of control: P.A.R.I.A.H.27:00 How to talk to kids & teens about what they're feeling during COVID28:45 Coping strategies30:40 What is a trauma therapist?33:50 Why therapy is her true calling36:55 Therapists, speakers & authors that Colleen follows40:15 New therapy services she's launching

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Marc founded Bautis Financial in 2008 to help his clients achieve financial freedom, plan for retirement and ensure they never run out of money. He is also the host of the Agent of Wealth podcast, which covers topics from investment strategies to market news. 
I invited Marc on to talk about different pandemic recovery scenarios, how to interpret those nasty unemployment figures and what to be doing with the things we can control. BTW, towards the end of the podcast, he has an inspiring message about 2 reasons we have to be hopeful. Make sure you catch that!

Thursday May 07, 2020

Quinha is the owner of Studio Q Cycling in Fort Collins, CO. She launched her studio in September 2019 and was on track to break-even when COVID-19 shut everything down. Listen in to hear how her 3AM idea saved her studio and kept members and instructors riding together!

Thursday Apr 30, 2020

Early spring would usually find Steve Odabashian, Founder at Main Line Test Prep, busy tutoring high school juniors on the SAT and ACT. But when test dates thru June 1 were cancelled due to COVID, Steve had to shift his tutoring sessions online. 
If you’re in the boat of applying to colleges, either as a high schooler or parent of one, there’s lots of valuable advice in this episode!

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